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The Hunger Games trilogy is poised to be another fantasy powerhouse with the books making the best selling list and the movies doing well at the box office. But the movies are bringing out a side of the books that was not stressed- the love life of the main character, Katniss Everdeen.

In the books Katniss is fighting for her life in the Hunger Games, a yearly battle to the death with 24 contestants, all under the age of 15.

In the movie, it appears that Katniss is more worried about her male suitors than preparing to fight for her life.\

At the base of it, The Hunger Games trilogy is supposed to speak to danger of a powerful government and the pitfalls of citizens not caring about each other or the environment. It features people being manipulated, people being murdered, and an egotistical dictator. Out of all these complex and interesting dynamics, what relationship is the media focusing on to promote this event? Katniss’ love life.

Even the actors are sick of it now that the second, more gory movie has been released:


This is a theme within media, with women being asked questions about their diets and their work out routines while men are prompted to answer minute details about their character’s mindsets and their acting tips. Men are taking seriously as actors while actresses appear to be glorified models who can also speak lines. Just look at the differences between how Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. are treated at a press conference:


It’s that mindset that women are important for their looks, which we discussed earlier here. We need to help end this dangerous viewpoint and have the media show that they actively WANT to know more about women than how they stay thin.



Author: Savannah

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