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Teenage Dream or Nightmare?

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“People don’t wanna be compared to the teenage girl; the teenage girl is hated, teenage girls hate themselves. If you listen to a certain kind of music, or if you express your emotions in a certain kind of way, if you self harm, you write diaries, all those kind of activities are sort of laughed at and ridiculed because they’re associated with being a teenage girl. Even just things like being cripplingly self conscious or overly concerned with our appearance, that’s considered like a teenage girl thing and therefore its ridiculous, it’s stupid, it’s not relevant or legitimate, and you know, what we needed at that age was legitimisation and respect and support but all we got was dismissal and “oh you’re such a teenage girl.”

Teenage girls are the inspiration for hundreds of songs, the main characters of some of the most popular books of the twenty-first century, and the area companies focus most of their advertising on. Make up, pens, clothing, music, there are countless advertisements directed specifically at teenage girls. Why? Because teenage girls are passionate and thus will buy products.

wake uppens

Mary Borsellino in The Devil’s Mixtape writes, “As soon as teenage girls start to profess love for something, everyone else becomes totally dismissive of it. Teenage girls are open season for the cruelest bullying that our society can dream up. Everyone’s vicious to them. They’re vicious to each other. Hell, they’re even vicious to themselves. It’s terrible. It’s used as the cheapest, easiest test of crap, isn’t it? If teenage girls love a movie, a book, a band, then it’s immediately classified as mediocre shit.”

one direction

Consider the band One Direction. How seriously do you take their music? I’m guessing not very. Are you aware that they were the first UK group to debut at number one in the United States? That means they are even more popular than The Beatles were. They set a Guinness World Record. Did you know One Direction sold out  Madison Square Garden in less than a minute? That their UK Tour sold out in 10.6 seconds? That 15,000 people, the biggest crowd ever, waited outside to see them perform at the Today Show? They also have most preorders of a single EVER on iTunes. All of this is thanks to teenage girls. Teenage girls love what they love passionately. They support so companies and organizations target their marketing at them for a symbiotic relationship with them. The members of One Direction are all MILLIONAIRES and this is money that was made mostly thanks to their teenage, female fans.

Teenage girls are such force of nature and they deserve to be recognized and respected.


Author: Savannah

a modern day gladiator battling against public spectacles

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