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More Tricks Than Treats: Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is a time of fun and candy- and also when people really see what type of humans their neighbors are according to how offensive their costume are.


This year there were many people both already famous and now infamous due to their costume choices.

We’ve already talked about how using someone else’s culture for fun is not a positive quality to express. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way or understands that some lines should not be crossed, especially in the spirit of Halloween.


For example, the amount of people who dressed up as Trayvon Martin  Trayvon Martin outnumbered the amount of people who I knew were aware of who he was. They might have known his name, but they didn’t know that dressing up as a dead boy was a horrible Halloween costume choice. It simply is insensitive. That’s someone’s son, someone’s friend, and he died very recently.


Blackface is not okay, as already discussed. Blackface is the practice of painting your skin to appear black. There are some cultural appropriations that are not appropriate and changing the color of your skin to appear to be another race is one of them. Although the actress claimed to have done it with good intentions, it still is offensive.


The newest degradation this Halloween season was the woman who dressed up as a Boston Bomber victim. Her defense of her costume was that it was an honest representation of how the victims looked. That is not a good defense. She is making light of a very dark situation. Coping with a traumatic incident is healthy but using someone else’s pain for a Halloween costume is not.


Before you dress up for Halloween consider the following question:
1) How recent is my costume?
2) Does this costume belong to another culture besides my own?
3) Did the person I am dressed up as suffer?
Think about the answers to these questions before you dress up and have a fun, non offensive Halloween!


Author: Savannah

a modern day gladiator battling against public spectacles

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