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The Dangers Of Victim Blaming

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I saw the above photo the other day and something in my mind simply clicked. Here was my train of thinking.

Some people try to justify the raping of women by saying that they were in short skirts and revealing tops so they were asking for sex. Last week we talked about how society views female beauty. In the previous scenario mentioned, people are giving more consideration to someones appearance than what they are saying. People are seeing a short skirt and taking that as a yes instead of listening to the person telling them, “No.”


Twitter user ItsMothersWork, makes a good point about telling women that there are ways not to get raped, such as wearing more conservative clothes. In reality, the only way people can prevent rape is to not meet a rapist. NewsWithNipples writes, “if women WERE actually able to prevent sexual assault, there’d be no sexual assault. Ever.”

And it’s not just women who are raped. Men are also raped. Like the first photo is asking, are men and children being promiscuous before they are raped? No.

“..rape is not aggressive sexuality, it is sexualized aggression.”
— Audre Lorde; Age, Race, Class and Sex: Women Redefining Difference

Consider the above quote. Rape is not someone being rough during sex. Rape is an attack on someone’s body. It is a cruel act done to someone against their will. It is not someone wanting to have sex, it is someone wanting to dominate. And we cannot blame the victim in this situation. The only person to blame is THE RAPIST.

We’ll leave it on this note: No one deserves to be raped. Ever. There is literally nothing a person could do to deserve rape. Not one single thing. Think of a quality or a situation in which you think someone would be deserving of being raped and then tell yourself that no one deserves to be raped EVER.

For more information about sexual assault you can refer to statistics released by Centres Against Sexual Assault and charts from AboutDateRape.


Join us next time where we call out bad Halloween costumes.


Author: Savannah

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